Ever had a really bad day and maybe listening to a song helped you calm down a bit. Music not only helped me in distracting from a situation it also helped me create bonds with people with similar music tastes. With an ever-rising number of streaming services like Spotify, gana, savan, wynk, and many more we are not only being introduced to international artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, BTS, J Balvin but it has also seen a rise in Indian musicians being introduced to the mainstream. Let’s look at some musicians who made their mark in the past few years.

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When chai meets toast

The band is from Kochi and is formed by a group of 4 friends, Pai Sailesh on the drums, Palee Francis on the keyboard, Achyuth Jaigopal plays the guitar and banjos and Ashwin Gopakumar is the lead vocalist. Although the band had a hiatus for 2 year they came back and created quite a fan base. As the name suggests it’s a fusion of the west and the east. If your tired of listening of fast pace typical meaningless Bollywood songs this band is your stop. Although they were formed a year ago thus band is becoming immensely popular for their soul-based songs with a soft melody and beautiful lyrics like in their song Firefly.


They are the pioneers of Indian rock music. The band is led by the famous composer Vishal and was formed in 1994 in Mumbai.  Their music is a huge stress buster to a majority and one more thing that can help you deal with stress is www.balancedcbd.comEven though the band was formed n the 90s the band is very still much relevant for its songs. They were the stepping stone for independent music producers. They have performed at MTV Unplugged and are most recognized for the song Voices.


Sanam is a pop band formed by Sanam Puri (singer-pianist), Samar Puri (guitarist), Keshav Dhanraj (drummer) and Venky S (bassist )  in 2010 in Mumbai. They are notable for making remix versions of classic Bollywood songs along with their original compositions. They had a massive rise in fame not only due to their unique remixes but also due to their boyish charms and are often dubbed as One Direction of India.

Nooran Sisters

The Nooran Sisters is the dynamic Sufi duo- Jyoti and Sultana. They come from a family of musicians with their great grandmother being Bibi Nooran a renowned Punjabi Sufi Singer of her time in the ’70s. they were discovered on the Punjabi  TV show, Nikki Awaaz Punjab Di and gained wide recognition. Their mesmerizing performance at CokeStudio@MTV of the Sufi song “Allah Hoo” is a must hear song for Sufi listeners. They have won several awards and have gained international recognition and have performed abroad.


Swarathma is a Bangalore based folk fusion band featuring Vasu Dixit, Pavan Kumar KJ, Varun Murali, Sanjeev Nayak, Jishnu Dasgupta and Joel Milan Baptist. They are notable for mixing folk and classical tunes with western tunes. Some of their songs deal with social issues like corruption, communalism. Their songs are a breath of fresh air with ever-changing the music industry. With the elections right around the corner, their song Topiwalleh describes the current environment perfectly.

Aditi Ramesh

She’s creating a name for herself in the Indian jazz community and it is not a surprise. The 28-year-old gave up her job as a lawyer and pursued music for full time in 2016. She grew up in Buffalo, New York and she shifted to India. Her songs with a touch of western tunes incorporated with her resonating classical Carnatic voice capturing one’s complete attention. Her song Marriageable Age is not only relatable but also beautifully composed exhibits her potential perfectly.