Loudoun County Public Schools

On Thursday, the Loudoun County Public Schools faced early close due to extremely bad weather and snowy conditions. The school officials all across the big region had to make the decision whether the Loudoun County Public Schools should remain open and finally they decided to close early.

Like Loudoun County Public Schools, many other big school systems were facing the same problem; make a perfect and appropriate. They had to make the decision keeping in view whether how their decisions have their impact(s) on families. The officials knew it well that their choice(s) could be devastating to some.

At the Fairfax County Public Schools system their chief operating officer Dean Tistadt was also in the same tough position; he knew it well too that the initial call to notify countless people about his decision was to be made by him. He had to decide whether the schools in the region should remain open, there would be early dismissals or they should close.

‘Fairfax County’ Public Schools system is Virginia’s largest one and Dean had to review the weather reports carefully since his upcoming decision wasn’t going to be an easy one. When the snow finally started to fall, Dean Tistadt reviewed the weather reports again and at the same time; he contacted Prince William, Loudoun and Montgomery school systems.

All the officials at above mentioned school systems agreed to the decision that they would be ‘well served’ should they close a bit early for the day than normal. Many families, however criticized the decision since their entire schedule for the day was disturbed; they were forced to pick their kids early thus it panicked them.

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