At first glance, this may seem like an odd question to strike. You may think they’re completely unrelated but that’s not true. If you’ve fished with music on, you know how it can affect the whole process.

How Can Music Affect Fishing?

Do Fish Hear Music?

Yes, but not in the way humans do, of course. A fish isn’t able to distinguish between various genres and artists the way a human being can.

However, they are able to sense the vibrations and the sound waves emitting from the music. And this can –in some cases- drive them away from the source.

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The sound pressure waves that pass through water create motion in the particles close to the source of the sound.

Furthermore, fish have “neuromasts” which are organs on the skin or in canals right beneath their skin’s surface.

These neuromasts contain hair cells that resemble the inner ear and are able to detect relative motion between themselves and the water around the fish.

Moreover, fish have a lateral line system to recognize acoustic signals at a short range. This is about a distance of one to two body lengths. It occurs at low frequencies that range between 160 Hz to 200 Hz.

The movement of the sound passes through the fish’s body in concert with the traveling sound wave as the body is almost of the same density as water.

However, the bones in the inner ear of fish are a lot denser than water (and thereby the fish’s body). So the bones in them move a lot slower in response to the sound waves than does the rest of the fish.

These waves can affect the fish’s behavior in terms of hiding away or –as some studies showed- appetite.

And that should explain to you why many lures use vibrations and rattling.

Additionally, sound waves affect different fish in different ways as the sensitivity to sound differs from one species to another.

Playing loud music was seen to make fish squirm and swim around the tank. This is due to that fact that not only do they hear the sounds of the music, but also the sound waves rippling through the water –and their bodies- which may startle them.

Bad News If You’re an Angler That Likes Music?

Don’t worry about that, we’ve prepared a list of the best music you can fish to without scaring your fish away.

  • Just Fishin’ by Trace Adkins
    Bringing back memories with its lyrics that are about fishing with the kids, this song is bound to hype you up.
  • in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    Unlike what the title may suggest, this one is actually about dating. Goes with the saying “Plenty of fish in the sea”. What’s with relationships and fish? Anyway, the upbeat sound of the song should get you moving.
  • Bait a Hook by Justin Moore
    Stressing over the importance of fishing, this song is a perfect fit for your trip.
  • A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr
    Hank “Can catch catfish from dusk ‘til dawn”, and he’ll definitely motivate you to do so yourself.
  • A Bad Day Fishing by Elijah Gilbert
    Only a true fishing-enthusiast (like Elijah) will understand that “A bad day fishin’ beats a good day of anything else”.
  • I’m Still a Guy by Brad Paisley
    When you’re passionate about something, you see everything in terms related to your passion. That’s why “When you see a lake you think picnics” but Brad and I “See a largemouth under that log”.