Cruise Ship in Antarctica

According to the updates on stranded Cruise Ship in Antarctica; all the passengers (88) alongside crew (77) remained unharmed and the big boat is now ‘out of danger.’ The luxury Cruise Ship in Antarctica named MV Clelia II is the same expedition liner that encountered rough weather in the open sea on December 7, 2010.

The above mentioned cruise ship was on its way to Argentina from the Antarctica while 88 passengers onboard along with large crew consisting on 77 people. The trouble with expedition liner started when following massive hit by a massive wave; one of its engineers was knocked out and the communications were also lost temporarily.

According to various passengers’ statements, the winds blew at nearly 55 mph thus sending the ship rocking all the time and the waves were too strong and high. Luckily enough, only a minor injury to one of the crew members was reported while the rest of passengers and crew remained unharmed.

Very recently a statement has been made by the operators of the aforementioned Clelia II cruise ship International Association of “Antarctica Tour Operators” according to which; there’s no more danger faced by the boat. The weather conditions out there were always improving while the ship inches towards Ushuaia (Argentina) after the trip.

Various passengers have reported from the ship that the waves at least 30-foot high, kept on hitting the ship as result of which; the motor and some other electrical equipment on the ship were shorted. There were also reports of broken window glasses and few minor wreckage’s but on the whole; no major damage was done.

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