Chicago Firefighters Killed

The sad news about two numbers Chicago Firefighters killed came this Wednesday following a blaze; the incident occurred on East 75th Street in an abandoned laundry business building in the South Side. The two Chicago Firefighters killed in the incident were Corey Ankum and Edward Stringer.

Subsequently while addressing to a press conference on Wednesday Robert Hoff, the Fire Commissioner Chicago informed that overall as many as 19 of their firefighters had suffered in the sad incident. Many of them sustained severe burn injuries, Robert Hoff added. He also said that everyone did the best one could do to save the other firefighters’ lives just like brothers.

According to the details, the two tragic deaths occurred while the firefighters of the CFD battled the abovementioned warehouse blaze while in a kind abandoned building. All of a sudden, number of them found them trapped when a wall alongside the building’s roof collapsed right over their heads; the debris just engulfed at least four of firefighters.

This also left more than one dozen other personnel injured and as per situation demand; they were forced to leave the area. The rescue efforts followed immediately and the rescuers would be seen digging out the place frantically in order to free the two remaining persons namely Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum.

Meanwhile, the other at least 15 workers of the CFD were sent to hospital where the authorities later informed; their injuries were not life-threatening in nature. The deaths of the aforementioned two CFD workers were confirmed and announced by the Office of Cook Cunt Medical Examiner while just before 11 at night (ET).

Both Corey and Stinger 34 and 47 years of age were with the CFD for the last 12 and 2 years, respectively and they were among the men who tried to put out the fire in order to search for squatters. Corey used to be a Chicago Police Officer prior to his joining the CFD hardly two years ago. According to Larry Langford the spokesman for Fire Department; their deaths of Corey and Stringer resulted off trauma.

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald House Charities, which is notorious recognized as top ranking charity organization in the country, is being discussed because of La-Z Boy. Reports about La-Z Boy are claiming that this notorious known furniture making or manufacturing organization of America is actually in the phase of a campaign in order to donate this above mentioned RMHC organization.

The campaign of La-Z Boy is nothing but a donation campaign as their campaign is carrying the details of giving or donating USD $1 for having any fan as well as for having any follower in the running December month on their Facebook official page as well as official Twitter page. Every year “season of giving” is known as the winter holiday season and therefore La-Z Boy has taken step to donate in the same context to this Ronald McDonald House Charities organization.

It clearly means that La-Z Boy has an intention to donate as much fund as they will receive the above mentioned fans or followers in December’s month for their official pages on two different social media related websites to this locally notorious Ronald McDonald House Charities organization. Maximum of USD $10,000 has been decided to donate to RMHC by this locally notorious furniture manufacturing company.

La-Z Boy’s interactive CRM manager, who is recognized with the name Jennifer Sims, urged people to join their official pages on both above mentioned social networking websites just in intention to grab maximum possible donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities for this running winter holiday season of December month.

Loudoun County Public Schools

On Thursday, the Loudoun County Public Schools faced early close due to extremely bad weather and snowy conditions. The school officials all across the big region had to make the decision whether the Loudoun County Public Schools should remain open and finally they decided to close early.

Like Loudoun County Public Schools, many other big school systems were facing the same problem; make a perfect and appropriate. They had to make the decision keeping in view whether how their decisions have their impact(s) on families. The officials knew it well that their choice(s) could be devastating to some.

At the Fairfax County Public Schools system their chief operating officer Dean Tistadt was also in the same tough position; he knew it well too that the initial call to notify countless people about his decision was to be made by him. He had to decide whether the schools in the region should remain open, there would be early dismissals or they should close.

‘Fairfax County’ Public Schools system is Virginia’s largest one and Dean had to review the weather reports carefully since his upcoming decision wasn’t going to be an easy one. When the snow finally started to fall, Dean Tistadt reviewed the weather reports again and at the same time; he contacted Prince William, Loudoun and Montgomery school systems.

All the officials at above mentioned school systems agreed to the decision that they would be ‘well served’ should they close a bit early for the day than normal. Many families, however criticized the decision since their entire schedule for the day was disturbed; they were forced to pick their kids early thus it panicked them.