Have you joined the bandwagon yet? Here comes the king of music streaming apps in India. Phew, finally. Spotify has taken India and all its music buffs by storm. With Apple music, Pandora, Wynk and the likes of them battling to win the hearts of the millennials, Spotify has undoubtedly claimed the throne in the market.

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming app that has secured its rightful place in the last decade since its birth. With a box full of DRM-protected music and varied podcasts from a myriad of record labels and music companies, Spotify never ceases to amaze all the music lovers.

What exactly makes it the king of audio streaming apps among the ones listed on Snurl? Yeah, we wonder the same. We have listed down the reason why you should subscribe to Spotify and let yourself be taken for a journey through world class music collection. From independent labels to regional music, you’ll find it all on Spotify.

Let us move ahead and see why Spotify is the very conqueror of the game of musical thrones, shall we?

1. Your partner in filing

Spotify effortlessly predicts your taste in music like a magician by an analysis of the pattern that you follow while listening to music. Voila! You have your own personal customized playlist ready to boom boom pow. Thank its super incredible data sifting technology for it. Oh, and it doesn’t end there!

Every Monday the list gets refreshed with 30 new songs belonging to genres that line up with your interest.


2. Let me have it all!

Well, who doesn’t love variety? Spotify has it all for you. From podcasts to radio stations, there is so much that you can indulge in and hypnotize your ear buds. Leave it to the editorial team of Spotify to create some fantastic playlists from the collection of million songs that they have in store for you. We are sure this will make you want to access Spotify more than any other online music streaming app. Care to try it? Go ahead, do it already.

3. Socializing through music

If you thought customized playlists were the only gems of Spotify, then you’re in for some extra surprise. Wondering what? Let your playlists help you socialize. How? Well, it is very simple! You can share your playlists with your friends on spotify. Learn about their taste in music and enrich your experience by opening the gates of your mind to variety and good music. Did we convince you?

We hope we did. Go already! Follow your friends and see what they listen to.

4. User interface steals your heart

An easy laid back interface that lets you enjoy a consistent musical experience on desktop, mobile, and their applications that other streaming apps lag behind in.

Also, the search window is super active just like your quick google search.

Oh, and by the way, Spotify is compatible with Amazon’s Echo ecosystem. Subscribe to Spotify premium and play the music on the smart home systems by commanding your personal Alexa! Crazy, right!

Spotify wins the show under every possible circumstance. With its top of the game user interface, smooth playlist management and clean and uncluttered system, this one’s steals the show and reigns in the market. Furthermore, the refreshment of playlists every week comes off as a breath of fresh air in the online music streaming app industry.

Did we lure you into subscribing to its premium version and enjoying the benefits to the core? We hope we did. Go ahead! Subscribe already.