Do you think you’ve perfected your music skills but don’t know where to take it from there? Do you want to start doing gigs with a band? Maybe earn some money while you perform?
But are you not sure where to start?

Search no more, as in this guide, we’ll tell you about a planned way to form a band and get it off the ground.

1. Choose a Band Name That Sticks

The name is, of course, the first thing you should decide about your band.

It should be original, catchy, and convey the message of what your band is all about.

2. Choose a Sound for Your Band

More often than not, great bands have fallen out due to the creative differences of their band members. That’s why you should make your sound choice clear to other band members right off the bat.

Of course, we’re not saying that you stick to a single style. But when you’re still starting out, it’s better to stick to a certain direction and focus your energy on it.

3. Choose Your Band’s Image

This goes hand-in-hand with the sound of your band.
How your band will look has a strong impact on the marketing process.

Try to match your looks with the kind of music you play to give a general consistent ambiance.

4. Create a Band Agreement and Sign on It

Down the line, writing a band agreement will pay off.
This agreement should outline the band members’ responsibilities, schedule commitments, song ownership, finances, and anything else that may be a reason for disagreement later on.

5. Write Your First Songs

Don’t let yourself be held back by the thoughts of getting your music and songs judged.
Squeeze all the creative juices out of your brain, and don’t be scared of repetition to get your notes perfectly.

And since these are the first songs, make sure they represent what you and your band are all about.

6. Choose a Rehearsal Schedule and Commit To It

You can’t really get better at anything without a lot of practice and dedication to this kind of effort.
The more strict you are when it comes to the rehearsals, the faster the band will progress, and the better the music you produce will be.

Keep the rehearsals fun and creative so that you and other band members can commit to them happily.

Get drinks, some comfort food recipes, and make your breaks worthwhile.

7. Don’t Forget Your Online Presence

There isn’t a successful business or person nowadays that doesn’t use the internet in their favor.

Set up a social media presence, a website, and EPK. Using these things to their full capacity helps you reach more potential fans and people in the industry.

You should also create an e-mail list. This is the best way to reach out to fans directly.

8. Book Your First Gig

This step is very important, so you have to do it right.

Choose the venue, the line-up, and the date very wisely.

What you want is for people to remember this night as “the night of their lives”.

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you’re choosing your band members

  •  Don’t Pick Them Based on Their Musical Skills Only

Indeed, technical skills are extremely important. But this doesn’t make a person fit for a band.
The person has to be creative, responsible, and able to communicate on both a musical and personal level.

  • Never Lose Sight of The Idea of The Music you Want to Play

Creativity is fun, but it isn’t chaotic. You should always be clear with your band members about the kind of music you’re going to play.

Give it a distinctive shape that you can build on.

  • You Must Have a Bandleader

Someone has to play the role of the leader. Giving pep talks, taking initiatives, and inspiring others to move forward.

Usually, they also book gigs, talk with promoters, and handles the networking and connection with fans.

This helps keep everyone aware of their obligations, too.

  • Never Depend on Social Media Pages to Replace an Official Website

Whatever it is the platform that you use, it doesn’t spare you the need to have an official website for your band.

This is because a personal website gives you the full spectrum of control over your branding, content, monetization, and also gives you a more professional look.

  • Don’t Expect Overnight Success

Always keep in mind that success takes a lot of time and hard work.

Practice your songs very well and invest money into recording them with quality.

Bottom Line

Like any other creative job, the important thing is to keep having fun, never lose your passion, and believe in what you do so that other people can believe in it as well.